Friday 14 September 2012

Chalkhill stabbing victim dies

I have come back to the sad news that Aaron, who was stabbed outside the Community Centre in Chalkhill the week before last  and appeared to be making a recovery, collapsed and died yesterday.

Local people are very distressed at the news as Aaron was well-liked. I understand that Aaron was a twin but lost his brother Anton to cancer a few years ago despite donating one of his kidneys.

Community leaders and residents are working to keep the estate calm.

Two people have been arrested in connection with the incident.

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Trevor said...

this is meant to be a Christian nation and yet we do do unchristian things every day while putting on a false front of love for god and neighbor.
I think that a atheist nation that strives to remain loyally atheist puts us hypocrite so called Christians to shame because we claim to believe in god and take part in celebrations such as easter and Christmas and even while we are sitting eating turkey and chocolate in the name of Jesus and God, we are selling cigarettes to each other which causes 1000s to die every year from lung cancer.
even I know that Christianity is meant to make people better humans...can we truly say that has been the case with us a British Christian nation?
also when shop shelves are piled high with porn magazines that also shows that we are putting profit before principle and just as we show no concern about turning each other into tobacco addicts, we likewise show no concern about turning each other into perverts by means of porn magazines.
yes by doing so we give the impression as if we think we are all just here to be exploited by each other and the government decides for itself what to legalize and criminalize
which creates a unjust society in which a man can be rightly arrested and jailed for raping a woman but it is acceptable to allow magazines to be produced that deliberately show pictures of naked women which of course entices sexual desire but because that desire is produced in a way that meets government standards and of course they take a cut of the profit for every magazine that is sold that supposedly makes it OK?
and then when a man decides that he wants to make a living by means of selling heroin for example he finds that the government that approves of people exploiting each other with cigarettes and porn magazines, suddenly gets up on it's moral high horse.
now don't get me wrong I'm not saying I approve of the selling of drugs in return for profit...but if the reason for the government making the sale of heroin to the public is based on health then why is tobacco that causes 1000s to die every year in Britain alone legal?
isn't that obvious hypocrisy and double unjust standards?
and has governing us in that way produced a good human society?
I say we should not be surprised that the hypocrites that were found to be ripping us off by means of the expenses scandal are also the same hypocrites responsible for creating a unjust society in which double hypocritical standards have become the norm.
this is why I openly condemn those political hypocrites who are now currently falling over themselves with all this talk about reform and making many a person tremble for living in a 2 bedroomed flat but the shopkeeper that causes 1000s to die every year from lung cancer is free to continue exploiting the weak and vulnerable public year after year.
and we are meant to believe that this will result in Britain becoming a better country?
what a delusion!
if years of celebrating easter and Christmas has not improved us as a nation morally and principally, then making these reforms won't even scratch the surface of this country's problems.