Monday 3 September 2012

New GP deputy leader Will Duckworth targets the working class vote

Will Duckworth has been elected Deputy Green Party leader. The results (after elimination of the women candidates - see below) was:

Will Duckworth 1329 votes (52%), Richard Mallender 1245 votes (48%)

Will is a Green councillor in the Black Country who won a traditionally Labour ward. He comes from a working class background and was a trade union activist in  the NASUWT during a 30 year teaching career.

His campaign literature said:
If ever there was someone who understands how to communicate the Green Party message to working class people and win seats in wards like this then it is Will Duckworth.
I his election as a powerful corrective to the middle class image of a party that too often is seen as a green hued alternative to the Lib Dems.

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