Monday 3 September 2012

Brent designated Willesden Green a 'Public Square' 29 years ago

The designation of the open space at Willesden Green Library as a Town Square includes a requirement that it be proved that the open space has been used for leisure activities for 20 years. Both the developer Galliford Try and Brent Council have opposed designation.

A 1983 Brent Council development  document has now come to light that clearly shows the Council designating it a 'Public Square' 29 years ago.

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trevor said...

It really does not surprise me that Brent council failed to make sure that a development document was strictly adhered to 29 years ago.
that should be viewed as a much needed wake up call helping us to see that the council does not view the need for a public square as a priority.
I have lived in Brent since Feb 1967 and I have never felt @ home here.