Tuesday, 30 October 2012

£7m spent on Shaping a Healthier Future consultation

The Daily Mail LINK has revealed that the NW London NHS Trust consultation cost £7,000,000. It seems that at national and local government level PR companies are one of the main beneficiaries  from austerity as those in power seek to dress up cuts decisions already made with spurious and meaningless 'consultation' exercises. In the case of Central Middlesex Hospital keeping the A&E open  was never an option the public were allowed to choose. Moreover with no risk assessment  in the public domain respondents had no way of assessing the true human cost of the changes. A shameful waste of public money. With so few turning up to consultation meetings it would be interesting to know the cost per attendee.

Meanwhile in Brent the PR bill for the Willesden Green Redevelopment project continues to mount as plans are tweaked but no ground given on the fundamentals.

When I worked for Erwin Wasey, Ruthrauff and Ryan Limited, an advertising agency, in the 1960s, I asked about a job in their Public Relations Department. In the interview I was naive enough (I was only 16) to say that I thought I was suited to work in PR because I got on with people. The director who interviewed me exploded and said, "Well you shouldn't work in PR then. You have to hate people and hold them in  contempt if you want to do well in this business."

David Cameron worked in PR for Carlton Television in order to have some experience outside politics. He got the job because his then girlfriend's mother, Lady Astor, had a word on his behalf with her friend, Michael Green, who was executive chairman of Carlton. He started on a salary of £90,000.

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