Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Is Central Middlesex A&E safe for patients to use?

Saturday's consultation meeting on Shaping a Healthier Future produced some passionate debate and full video coverage can be seen on the Brent Green Party blog HERE

What concerned me most, was the implication that Central Middlesex A&E as it now exists, is so devoid of staff and expertise that it is not safe for patients. Dr Mark Spencer listed a number of services that it could not provide and Dr Kong at one stage seemed to be saying that it was being closed because it was not  safe. When I questioned this  she retreated somewhat, saying it was just the overnight A&E that was unsafe.

Dr Spencer did not retract and later, asked about whether, despite not being in the options, it could remain open, said that if there was sufficient demand via the consultation and it could be done 'safely' then there was a possibility it could remain.

I immediately raised the point that there seemed to be a possibility that patients, individually, referred by schools or by workplaces; could be attending a facility that doctors themselves deemed unsafe. If this was the case it should not be open at all - patients are being put at risk.

I am strongly in favour of a full A&E service at Central Middlesex Hospital and restoration of a 24 hour service. An A&E is essential in an area of great deprivation, criss-crossed by major railway lines and roads and with one of the largest industrial estates in the capital.  It is a major concern if the A&E has already been run down to such an extent that doctors do not consider it safe for patients.

There is till time to comment on Shaping a Healthier Future but you need to act quickly as it closes on Monday October 8th.

Follow this LINK to the document and consulation form

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