Sunday, 28 October 2012

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 Dear Supporters,

All Souls College, Oxford, has decided to sell Kensal Rise Library to developers who are going to strip the buildings and convert to flats. The developers are offering us a very small section (for a library) in exchange for helping them with planning, but we will have to pay commercial rates in perpetuity. Not a very good offer.

We are greatly saddened that this venerable college has chosen profit over people. The destruction of our only local cultural asset is shocking and demoralizing for all of us who have been working to support a service that benefits the most vulnerable amongst us. That All Souls chose this path in the face of our shared history, accelerating the gentrification of our community, is a direct rebuke to the original residents of Kensal Rise that the Fellows gifted the land to so many years ago.

Luckily there is another developer with a much more generous proposal for Kensal Rise Library re: space & terms. They have been in touch with the campaign and will submit a Bid to All Souls College, Oxford, by Monday for urgent review. We sincerely hope that All Souls gives this proposal serious consideration.

There will be a lot of activity over the next few days and your support is vital. Please help spread the news and share our petition as widely as you can. If you would like to get involved further, or have any ideas or suggestions for the campaign I'd love to hear from you email me via: or twitter: @jodigramigni

Many thanks again for all your support.

Kind regards,


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trevor said...

the key words in this is " choosing profit over people" that sadly is nothing fact it is the established way of the world.
there is hardly a country in which people are put before fact if people were put put before profit things would be different.
for one thing the pavements in Brent would be used for walking on rather than walking and using as a unofficial make shift ashtray and dustbin for empty cigarette boxes.
the pavements are used as ashtrays and dustbins for fag boxes because ultimately our democratically elected politicians have chosen tax revenue over people.
in affect they have said to the people behind the tobacco business, go ahead and exploit the public with complete freedom and just make sure you give us a share of the profits and so that is exactly what they have done.
and many have become rich as a result but many have also died before their time because they chose to walk into the tobacco trap which was set up because we live in a country in which profit is chosen over people.
and even when warnings are given the mp's ignore them.
should we then be surprised when we see them "choosing profit over people" in other ways?
can't we see what we are up against?
can we not see that we have been betrayed by the people that are meant to be serving us?
the mp's expenses scandal was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the profit over people way of things.
and it's not going to change...simply cause by putting profit over people they have been able to exploit us to a great extent and have become so rich and powerful as a you think they will give that up without great resistance?