Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Healthy Chalkhill a step or two nearer

Chalkhill Park
It was the adults who started getting excited about the new Chalkhill Park this week when adult outdoor exercise equipment was installed close to Chalkhill Road.

As children see the park progressing on a daily basis they are now clamouring to know when it will open and already planning when they will be using it.

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Trevor said...

I was skeptical when first becoming aware of the new park for children.
I remain skeptical for the following reasons.
I don't believe that any child can grow into a truly healthy adult in a country which the government permits tobacco companies to make cigarettes which are then sent to shops who then sell them to the public who then consume them and the tobacco gradually destroys their health.
when you have rulers that ignore warnings about the danger of smoking simply cause they put profit before principle, people are at serious risk because those hypocrites in power will then use their authority to allow companies to exploit the public and those companies are really doing the will of the government really which is exploit us and entice us to do things that have a price tag attached so that the companies and the government can reap money and we the public reap undesirable things like throat and lung cancer.
after all every time you buy a pack of cigarettes and smoke them it's like you are literally giving yourselves a health destroying disease...the only people that reap something of values are the tobacco companies and the government.
and in that way they have really betrayed us.
because this is meant to be a democracy right?
so when people vote, do they vote for MP'S to set up expenses systems in order to defraud the taxpayers and voters in order to better themselves at your expense?
is that what you vote for?
when you decide to smoke do you do it in the hope you eventually die from lung or throat cancer?
of course you don't...but that is what you will get if you persist in abusing your own body with cigarettes.
now a responsible caring government would never betray the people they are meant to be serving by putting profit before principle and ignoring the warnings about the dangers of smoking and actually allow cigarettes to be advertised in order to entice the public to start smoking and ruin their health just so tobacco companies can become super rich and the government reaps billions in tax revenue which many of them then steal from you by means of the expenses system scam.
and yet that is exactly what they did...OK they no longer allow cigarettes to be advertised but does that mean they have changed and have become responsible?
well clearly not because cigarettes are still openly sold and consumed and the pavements of wembley in particular resembles a makeshift huge ash tray and dustbin for cigarette butts and cigarette packets.
so the government is continuing to put profit before principle.
they make think they were being responsible by making it law to put on the pack of all cigarette packets "smoking kills" has it made any difference?
well judging by the amount of cigarette butts that can be seen on a daily basis on the streets of wembley alone clearly shows that just as the government ignored the warnings about smoking and cancer years ago, likewise people ignore the warnings on the packs of cigarettes.
but I am aware that tobacco is highly addictive but that is another reason why I think it should be banned because it is not beneficial to those that smoke and the only ones that benefit financially are the people behind the tobacco business and the government takes it's share of the profits.
it really is a sleazy set up and a gross betrayal and misuse of authority and for that reason I say until the greedy hypocrites in number 10 downing and the houses of parliament start putting principle before profit, no one is safe including children because they are being born and growing up in a country in which double standards and low standards and exploitation are acceptable and the norm and the government allows companies to exploit us just because they want money.
rather than make laws to protect us they make laws that allow us to be exploited.
so talking about a health chalkhill being near, I say when we have a good caring government who won't exploit us by means of greedy businesses then you can get all excited about a healthy chalk hill.