Friday, 26 October 2012

How much autonomy should local councils have?

UNLOCK DEMOCRACY have sent this message:

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee is currently exploring the possibility of putting the relationship between central and local government into writing. They’ve written a draft code for this, which covers a range of issues about the powers a local government should have.

They’re keen to find out what the public thinks about local government and what powers central government should have over local councils, and they’ve launched a public consultation. Unlock Democracy will be submitting evidence evidence to the consultation, and we’d like to best represent your views in what we say.

We’ve launched a web survey to gather your views on the relationship between local and central government. Do you have two minutes to participate?

Take the survey now!

It’s a simple yes/no questionnaire which will help us understand what our supporters think about powers that local and central government should have, and the level of autonomy for local councils. Your answers will form the basis of our submission to the Committee.

If you’d like to participate in the consultation yourself, you can find more information about it here, with a copy of the draft code. Make sure you’ve sent the Committee your responses by Monday 5th November.
However, we appreciate that many of you will not have the time to do this, which is exactly why we’ve set up the survey so we can help get your views across.

Please participate today.
Take the survey now!
Many thanks,
Peter Facey

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