Saturday, 27 October 2012

Northwick Park A&E won't cope after reorganisation

If reorganisation proposals go ahead and Central Middlesex Hospital A&E closes, Northwick Park will be the nearest A&E for most Brent residents. It is clear that the hospital is not coping now, let alone after the closure of Central Middlesex A&E.

From the Harrow Times this week:


Anonymous said...

It is terrible if Northwick Park is unable to cope. The same may apply to other hospitals. However, it cannot be implied that the solution is to keep CMH open for A&E.

Hopefully the funding for NPH can increase to compensate.

trevor said...

right and what is the purpose of this report?
should we be naive and expect the hypocrites in power to change their plans regarding northwick park?
consider the following prognosis.
you light a fire and drop paper into it do you then throw your hands up in the air when you find that the fire shows no mercy to the paper and reduces it to ashes?
the government are like fire and therefore to expect them to show mercy or consideration is to be naive in the extreme.
the current bunch of hypocrites in power really want to mislead us into believing that they are being responsible by making all these cuts.
but that isn't an example of responsiblity
it is rather an example of desperation and stupidity.
desperation in that as the sink is sinking rapidly they think that closing down everything in sight is the answer but is it?
and it is an example of stupidity for them to think that closing hospitals is the solution while they continue to stand by watching people smoke themselves to death every year.
what will it take to wake us up?
aren't we suffering enough under these damn hypocrites?

Anonymous said...

The reorganisation of A&E departments into fewer and larger units could, and should, have happened ten years ago, during the boom.

It is a pity that minds are only concentrated to do what is fundamentally and measurably an IMPROVEMENT in clinical outcomes when there is a financial crisis.

There are plenty of other NHS change issues to argue over, and to campaign over, because they harm the public, but fewer A&E departments isn't really one of them.

The clinicians and the politicians have decided, or will decide, to close A&E departments. Good. Now let them find the money to do the job properly. We should not have to wait until the next boom, in order to do so.

Trevor said...

we only have ourselves to blame because we are the ones that consistently leave matters in the hands of these democratically elected hypocrites who then turn around and rather than solve problems cause them.
anyone that wastes their time listening to that so called health secretary needs their heads examined.
MP'S have consistently taken the protection of public health for granted.
we are only protected to an extent only so that we stay alive to keep the corrupt system set up by the political hypocrites going.
other than that they don't care a jot about us.
all we have to do is look at the state of this country and that should be enough to wake us up.
hospitals are not safe in the hands of political hypocrites, they are only there to fill up the chancellors coffers this is why they are privatizing everything in sight.