Friday, 12 October 2012

Harlesden Incinerator protest tomorrow

There is a pop-up protest, jointly with Ealing residents, about the proposed "Harlesden Waste Incinerator", at 11am prompt tomorrow (Saturday) at the entrance to Willesden Junction station approach.
Ealing Council is set to approve this large waste plant in November, made up of:
    - an incinerator (not called that, for PR reasons), [see] and
    - "anaerobic digestors" (big tanks of decomposing food, to produce compost).
(The "advanced conversion technology facility" mentioned in the planning application IS an incinerator, because it involves
        - dustcart and lorry waste IN
                    (likely to be commercial, rather than domestic,
                    but may change), and
        - ash OUT.
Houses in Old Oak Lane will have dustcart traffic "all day" on the access road, which is only metres from their homes and gardens. The plant capacity is c150,000 tonnes/year.
Some of the dustcarts and lorries will pass through Harlesden. I suspect this will vary from month to month, depending on what contracts the waste plant can sign.
Please pass this link on to others.
Photo op. is at 11am on Saturday, Willesden Junction Approach (junction with Old Oak Lane / Station Road).

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