Sunday, 21 October 2012

Disability protesters block Park Lane

This action yesterday was by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)


Trevor said...

what people ought to protest against is being ruled by wicked hypocrites.
Labour Blew their one and only chance in 97 when they came in promising things would get better under them...That experience just shows how easy it is to mislead people.
this is why I would never vote for a political party ever again because they are all the same no matter what they say in order to gain support.
the hypocrites in power won't soften their blows particularly against those of us that are disabled and currently claiming benefit.
if you are a shopkeeper you have total freedom to exploit the weak and vulnerable public with as much tobacco as possible and why?
because the hypocrites in power always put profit before principle and then turn around and do their utmost to make people claiming benefit feel unworthy.
the hypocrites in power don't like us because we ain't bringing in what they want the most which is money of course.
and then while the hypocrites in power oooo and arrrr over the scandal of jimmy saville, the reality is they have organized things so well that it is possible to make a living from selling tobacco to the public or in other words you can abuse and exploit your fellow man and woman as long as you do it the way the hypocrites in the houses of parliament want you to exploit people.
as long as you use tobacco you are OK thanks to the hypocrites aka the so called government.
thanks to those hypocrites the pavements of wembley resemble one big ashtray and dustbin.
and laughingly this is meant to be a Christian country!!!
despite the reality that Halloween for example is another form of exploitation.
the people profiting from it want us to believe that there are such things as ghosts even though the bible makes it clear that the dead are not conscious.
so while the hypocrites in number 10 want to get as many people off benefit, They don't care about the people being exploited every year by the thing known as Halloween because that is how they run the show by permitting people to be exploited by shopkeepers for profit.
this is why them hypocrites ooooing and arrring over saville look like the hypocrites that they are because on the one hand they rightly condemn sexual perverts that abuse young people, but they are are also the ones responsible for the endless amounts of greedy exploiters that are found on no end of street corners selling tobacco.

Trevor said...

I Hate Wembley with a Passion.
This Morning I had to endure the unpleasant experience of walking from Chalk-hill Road to High Road Wembley and virtually every step was like walking on one huge ashtray and Dustbin because virtually every pavement is covered in cigarette butts and empty cigarette packets and yet this is meant to be a civilized Christian nation.
what the Christian apostle Paul foretold thousands of years ago has come true...we are seeing the fulfillment of what he said would make the times we are living in critical and hard to deal with.
mainly because people are lovers of themselves and and of pleasures and money and then they put on a false show of being Christians by celebrating Christmas and easter.
I mean although True Christians don't celebrate Christmas or Easter because they are rooted in paganism, they also don't celebrate Birthdays because they too are rooted in paganism.
and the purpose of Christianity is to give us hope of a better life one day and the god who inspired Christianity is a god of Truth and yet we live in a country in which the religious leaders not only misrepresent the god they falsely claim to worship, but they also mislead the people they are meant to set free from religious lies.
so you have the religious Leaders Leading people astray and the political leaders do the same politically.
and when you have a situation in which religious and political leaders are corrupt you must expect there to be serious problems in this country let alone this borough.
despite the lie that Britain is a Christian nation, even now shopkeepers are exploiting the public for money by using nonsense such as Halloween and fireworks night.
and of course the hypocrites that occupy number 10 downing street and the houses of parliament don't speak against those things because those things serve their purpose which is to make money.
now don't don't get me wrong, making money isn't a crime, what is a crime is when the means by which money is made isn't good.
when you have political hypocrites condemning drug pushing but they say nothing about the tons of cigarettes that are sold every year, how does that make for a principally sound nation?
if living by Christian principles makes for a principally sound nation, then political leaders that tell us to exploit each other with tobacco makes for a corrupt nation.
this is is why I say David Cameron and his entire Team need to first learn about the purpose of Christianity along with the deluded religious leaders, then they can teach us.
David Cameron as a political Leader is no better than the political leaders in bible times.
Just as they were deluded so is he.
in fact once a person learns the purpose of Christianity, they no longer allow themselves to be mislead by political and religious hypocrites
this is why it is impossible to find a true Christian in the houses of Parliament let alone 10 downing Street.
I started by saying that I hate Wembley with a passion...I only Hate it because of the negative influence of the political hypocrites that have turned this area into the mess that it is.
oh how we deserve so much better!!!!