Monday 26 January 2015

Black Lives Matter: Film, Discussion, Entertainment, Food - Friday January 30th, Kilburn


Trevor said...

If I was Invited and asked to give a talk
I Think I would say the following.
if food sustains lives
and water plays an essential role in maintaining the structure of the biological tissues,
as well as maintaining the structure of the biological tissues,
who do we Turn to when we Lose loved ones?
one man made a promise That one day there will be a resurrection of those That died
and that faith in that promise makes it possible for the living to see that day finally arrive.
The day when the deceased are reunited with the Living
here on earth.
In the meantime
If we look for guidance and actually find it and apply it in our daily lives
we will see that the god gave us that man for our benefit
also gave us Principles to use
and when we use them we benefit in numerous ways.
for example applying the principle of Love to one another in the sense of treating one another similar to the way we tend to treat things of value.
when we value something we tend to treat it with care.
Treating it roughly reduces its value and if it is something we depend upon then what is the sense in mistreating it?
if someone gave you £1,000 in £50 notes
would you turn around and set light to it?
if you did how would you benefit from it?
it's impossible.
so if Taking care of money is wise and beneficial,
Then How much more Beneficial is it to view one another as ' valuable'?
if burning wheat fields from which we get our daily bread
is a senseless act
How more senseless is it to destroy the person(s) that cultivate the wheat and makes the bread we look to to sustain our lives?
consider the way our bodies function.
each part works in harmony and though we are imperfect
The human body is perfect in design
and the one who designed it has shown his care in his design of our bodies
as well as providing the means to sustain our bodies.
I didn't see the person that designed the keyboard I'm using,
but I know that it took a human being to design it and create it.
That stands to reason
after all who would believe that a computer keyboard could come into existence by chance?
well if it takes an intelligent Human to create a keyboard
then isn't it reasonable to believe that it took a far more intelligent person to create the person(s) that created the keyboard?
and if a human creator will provide Instructions on how to use his/her products
then what about our invisible creator?
where would hope be found in an increasingly hopeless world?
the source of that hope is the bible.
I'm at home and yet speaking to you via wembley matters.
god Is in heaven but his words of wisdom and hope are found in the bible.
if those words of wisdom and hope are valueless
then why does history reveal That countless people looked for those words despite attempts from people that wanted to keep them in ignorance about god.
it is clear that Just food and water is of benefit to us,
the words of God is also beneficial.
in fact the words that comforted and strengthened people in the past
is still able to comfort and strengthen us today.
and in conclusion although
It know it is easier said than done
but if we train ourselves to develop the strength to forgive and love one another
we will find the answer that numerous people searched for in order to deal with their problems.
also never Let go of the hope that god gives.
Jesus resurrected Lazarus
Who eventually died again
but Lazarus will live again along with Mark duggan and Joy Gardner and countless other people.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put Trevor.

Trevor said...

Thank you Anon.