Sunday, 25 January 2015

Monday's crowded Cabinet agenda covers many crucial issues

The  Brent Cabinet on the afternoon of Monday January 26th has an unusually crowded agenda with a great many detailed reports, supplements and appendices on vital matters.  It is being held at 2pm at the Pakistan Community Centre, Willesden Green.

Here are the main items with link:

Museum and Archives Strategy

Adult Social Care Local Account 2013-14

Procuring an Accommodation based Respite Framework Agreement

Rate Discount Scheme for businesses accredited to Living Wage Foundation

Brent Local Welfare Assistance Scheme

Update of Schools Capital Portfolio

Purchasing system for management of Temporary Accommodation 

Awarding of contract  for procurement and management of temporary accommodatio  for Housing Association Leasing Scheme

South Kilburn energy supplier for decentralised energy solution

South Kilburn Regenration Gloucester House, Durham Court, Chippenham Gardens secure tenancies for Phase 4

London Councils Grant

Authority to tender a contract for Health Watch

Financial report November 2014

The full Agenda  which contains many more documents is HERE

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