Thursday, 29 January 2015

Labour backbench disquiet over Brent Council cuts proposals

Hitherto, much of the opposition to Councillor Butt's leadership has been more about personal style and character, rather than politics, with opponents not sharing a political anaylsis of the Labour adminstration's shortcomings.

Now, with public reaction againsts the cuts building up, as evidenced by the atmosphere at the Harlesden Connects meeting, some Labour backbenchers are looking askance at the way the cuts package is being presented and want to see some modifications.

It does not appear to be a great revolt and does not involve a huge number of councillors but surely welcome. It is clear that despite the mantra of 'It's the coalition's fault' and 'We have no choice' some councillors are finding it hard to defend some of the more extreme proposals to their constituents.

The Cabinet will approve the cuts package on February 23rd so time is short.


  1. Any word on which councillors may lead a rebellion?

  2. I am not sure that what I have heard ('disquiet') amounts to a rebellion. Although of course the Ann John adminstration's less than sympathetic approach to the library closures, at first seen as about presentation, did result in an eventual change of leadership. No 'leader' has emerged as such - more a 'facilitator of discussion'. Further information gratefully received of course.

  3. Someone unexpected or one of the usual dissenters?

    1. You are being pushy. Wembley Matters would not be so widely read if I did not protect my sources. Someone with a foot in both camps would propbably be the best person to bring about a constructive discussion.

    2. Don't hold your breath. Keeping a foot in both camps, if it's a male involved, usually necessitates spreading the legs wider and wider and wider, ultimately with a deleterious effect on the balls.

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