Friday 2 January 2015

Scrutinising Brent's devastating budget cuts

As regular readers will know there was concern when Brent Council changed its Scrutiny structure after the 2014 local elections so that there was just one Scrutiny Committee. In the face of criticism it was argued that the Committee would set up task groups to do more detailed work.

On Tuesday the Budget Scrutiny Task Group will present its Interim Feedback on the 2015-17 budget proposals.

I leave you to decide whether this report measures up to the task of robustly and independently  scrutinising a budget that will have a drastic impact on services and thus on local residents, especially the most vulnerable.


Alison Hopkins said...

I will freely admit to being biassed. Compared with what the Budget and Finance Scrutiny used to produce, that report is lightweight, anodyne and has nothing in the way of the kind of forensic questioning and analysis that's needed. I suspect part of the problem is that the excellent officer who used to provide support to B&F got made redundant.

Anonymous said...

They should scrutinise the home security kit publication that came through this week. Consists of an expensive magazine and some stickers.