Thursday 8 January 2015

Time to Save the Welsh Harp Environmental Centre yet again!

I don't really have to set out the case against the closure of the Welsh Harp Environmental Study Centre as Brent Council does it for me in the promotional video above.

The Centre has been threatened with closure on a number of occasions and each time schools, young people and former users, as well as environmentalists, have come to its defence. LINK

Thought to be in the 1980s
February 2011
The projected savings for closing the Centre are small £13,000 in 2015-16 and £14,000 in 2016-17. Current projected expenditure is £36,102 and projected income £23,000 (the Centre charges per head).

The Officer's report LINK suggests that Carey's, who currently fund one teaching post, might be interested in 'a greater role which could keep the centre open'. Carey's is the parent company of Seneca the waste materials reprocessing company sited between Wembley Park and Neasden.


Anonymous said...

I guess if Carey's stump up more funding, Brent will have to kick back something in return.

What a terrible state of affairs.

Ben said...

Hi, on the Hendon side please come to our public inquiry running thought late January at Holiday Inn and Hendon Town Hall. Some details are on thanks

Anonymous said...

What does Welsh Harp cllr Roxanne Mashari, former executive member for the environment, have to say about this? Guess she'll toe the party-line. NB doesn't she have her sights on Westminster?

Alison Hopkins said...

Carey's don't seem to have any planning applications at the moment.