Monday, 20 April 2015

ELECTION QUIZ: Match Brent Central candidates to their hustings statements

The Kilburn Times held an on-line hustings for the Brent Central candidates this evening. Shahrar Ali (Green), John Boyle (TUSC), Dawn Butler (Labour), Lauren Keith (Lib Dem), Alan Mendoza (Conservative) and Stephen Priestly (UKIP) took part.

Below you will find 12 responses to some of the questions. Can you match answers to the appropriate candidate?

1. As a representative of one of the smaller political parties, I can state that I would do everything in my power if elected as your MP in Brent Central to defend against further cuts, and to protect vital services to all the community. I would campaign fiercely to represent the needs of my constituents - in this way, I would hope to mitigate against the wider effects of national forces, to protect those that I am seeking to represent. I would campaign in the House of Commons for further resources

In response to: ‘Nationalise the big developers. Build housing and communities for people rather than profit.’

2. I am inclined to agree with the above statement. Development in itself should be encouraged, providing there is an ethical dimension to it . I feel the NHS should also be protected from private profit too - and while we are at it, the rail network should be re-nationalized to make it more affordable for all!

3. Youth resources are absolutely vital for young people, in terms of providing hope, structure, educational and vocational opportunity, and I would be fighting to defend existing resources and also campaign for much needed new resources!

In response to: Black people in Brent are 2.6 x more likely to be stopped and searched than white people. What will you do to end police discrimination?

4. This needs concerted joint-working a training with the police: this statistic is totally unacceptable and must be challenged. The police should not be allowed to arrest anyone, of any ethnicity, unless they have clear grounds to do so!

5. Denying benefits to migrants as a 'wholesale strategy' is not a compassionate way to approach this matter. I believe that our society should always adopt a compassionate approach, and to take into account the fact that many migrants are fleeing desperate circumstances. The United Kingdom has a very long tradition of tolerance and of assisting people that are in difficult circumstances and it is important that this continues. It is the unscrupulous people traffickers, that should be tackled.

6. The UK has a longstanding tradition of helping people in distress, and this must continue. Huge efforts need to be made to tackle all those that seek to exploit migrants, e.g. people smugglers, those that sexually exploit migrants, and also those that seek to enslave migrants in very low paid work - all these things need to be addressed.

7. All institutions should have clear policies to deal with racism in whichever form this appears

On recall of MPs by the electorate: 

8. Absolutely! This is also our stated policy to make MPs more accountable. I am totally committed to this measure. All other professions are bound by strict codes of practice and MPs should be no different!

9. I feel that all the parties need to be honest with the electorate on the issue of any cuts that they propose to make. For nearly everyone that I have spoken to, the NHS appears to be one of the highest priorities, as many are worried that community and hospital services will seriously suffer should further cuts take place. Greater transparency is needed by all parties on the NHS.

10. I feel the British Pub is a national institution which needs to be robustly defended, as the pub is a place where so many people meet: it is an important part of every community. I have endorsed my support for the Campaign for Real Ale, and would be doing everything in my power to support pubs, brewers and also the customers.

11. Education is absolutely crucial for this economy. A diversity of educational opportunities is required, including academic and vocational training courses. Funding needs to be increased to develop education facilities, and teaching and university education needs to attract the best possible candidates.

In response to: Who is the politician, living or dead, you admire the most and why? please do not say your own party leader. 

12. I would have to say Mahatma Gandhi. He was able to overcome so many obstacles for India to gain its independence and self-governance, via his philosophy of 'non-violent non-cooperation' at great personal cost to himself. His ideas have shaped great thinkers across the globe!

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Brent and Kilburn Times On-line hustings HERE


  1. Match the following Wikipedia entries to the names of leading Conservatives:

    1. 'A spiffing chap'.
    2. ' Consistently honest'
    3. ' Millionaire online marketing genius'
    4. 'Self-effacing'
    5. 'Gorgeous'
    6. 'The finest mind of his generation'.
    7. 'Snivelling little shit'
    8. 'Over-promoted minger'
    9. 'Enemy of Dorothy'
    10. 'His real name is Gideon you know'

    George Osborne
    Philip Hammond
    Justine Greening
    Grant Shapps

    NB The right of Grant Shapps to be identified as the author of these words has been asserted in accordance with Section 77 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

    Mike Hine

    1. Ok, I know you're desperate for the answers:

      8 is the chairman of the Tory party showing solidarity with Justine Greening. 9 is the same person on Dominic Grieve. 7 is himself again on Philip Hammond. 10 is your man supporting the chancellor. 1 to 6 are Michael Green aka Grant Shapps aka Wyeed Bhoi aka Lou R Than-Verminne, objectively assessing the talents of the Tory party chairman Grant Shapps.
      Aren't Tories great?

      Mike Hine