Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Willesden Green library: First Users' Group May 12th


  1. What a monstrosity.

  2. Meantime, here's the confusing/confused FKRL low-down on the future of the former Kensal Rise Library building - 'prospective owners' in opening para metamorphose into 'preferred bidders' a few sentences further on which leads to the obvious questions: is this another auction/a sale/or is Knight Frank accepting closed bids in envelopes - ie is gazumping on the way?

    As for the (absurdly short?) timescale FKRL cite - '6-9 months to complete' the library works from next month - it seems a similar commitment has been made regarding the other Brent former Gillick-owned Cricklewood Library... Same owner...? Promises, promises...

    You'd have thought FKRL would have learnt something from its 'negotiations' with Andrew Gillick but alas clutching at developer-offered straws seems to be the group's MD - it's now had 'meetings' with the 'preferred bidders' (aka 'prospective owners')...