Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Brent install 24 hour security as they take over the Stonebridge Adventure Playground buildings and land which they intend to destroy

Brent Play Association handed over the keys of Stonebridge Adventure Playground to Brent Council this morning, but not before they had secured the Head of Assets signature on the handover document.

The BPA were told that Brent Council were installing 24 security cover in the playground. I wonder how much that will cost - and what are they afraid of? 

Protecting something they will destroy seems to be the ultimate irony...


  1. Alison Hopkins1 April 2015 at 18:24

    A tad ironic that Dear Dawn's Freepost letter shows her cuddled up with some of the children her Brent Labour colleagues evicted.

    The rest of the letter is inaccurate, if one is being polite. Complete with supposed Dollis Hill resident who doesn't actually live here.....

    Mind you, I do wonder what their canvass data is like, given I got one posted to me!

  2. A bit like granting ACV status on Kensal Rise and Cricklewood libraries when there was no realistic prospect of 'community' groups bidding for them.

    1. Was Stonebridge ACV listed ? Be worth immediately applying if not.

      Why should a developer be given the right to make a profit of a community Asset

    2. The playground has ACV status but technicalities come in. It is the school annexe site that is being handed over to the developers. As plans stand it appears that the playground site will be incorporated into the expanded school and thus will be an internal transfer of Brent Council assets, not a sale.

    3. Is Stonebridge primary still Council or has it converted to Academy ?

      If converted to Academy then ACV due process should be followed regardless if school needs the site.

      ACV needs somehow to be challenged.

  3. Brent Council looking foolish with its cosmetic ACV listings. Both Mashari and Denselow remain silent regarding Kensal Rise and Cricklewood library-listings, not to mention their meetings with Andrew Gillick.