Sunday, 12 April 2015

UKIP's Martin Ferguson sinks without trace and his successor gets into hot water

Martin Ferguson
Martin Ferguson, who was UKIP's candidate for Brent North was mysteriously replaced at the last minute by Alan Craig. There are mutterings of a possible 'embarrassment' regarding Ferguson that has been allegedly hushed up by the party. It is unclear whether he remains a member of UKIP. Ferguson has not responded to my enquiries about the reasons for him stepping down and his party status. His image still appears on UKIP's official candidiates' page LINK

His successor, Alan Craig, has lost no time in making his mark. Pink News has exclusively revealed LINK that he is due to speak at a 'gay cure' event. He will join a panel on 'resisting indoctrination' alongside Christian anti-gay activists.

Scott Bartle, Craig's Green Party opponent said:
The only ‘conversion’ the Green Party is interested in is from a bigoted society, to one where we’ve put an end to discrimination of people due to their sexuality and protect non-binary rights.

Sadly (and ironically for UKIP) it is prejudiced attitudes of people such as Mr Craig that contribute towards people seeking asylum in the UK because of the criminalisation, discrimination and violence they experience in their own countries.

It’s time to end this culture of disbelief which has not only denied LGBTIQ people of their refugee status but resulted in needless deaths, including that of Leelah Alcorn.
Alan Craig
Craig, a former leader of  Christian People's Alliance has a history of opposition to gay marriage and called advocates of homosexual equality the 'Gaystapo'. He said LINK
Whatever you think of the issue itself, the gay marriage legislation last year was a democratic disgrace. Faithful one man/one woman marriage has been a defining and enduring bedrock of our society and culture – and the preeminent place of nurture for the nation’s children – for a millennium and a half.
Bob Blackman
His position is very similar to that of Bob Blackman, presently fighting to retain his Harrow East seat for the Conservatives. Blackman was denounced by his ex-mistress for 11 years, Cllr Carol Shaw (Conservative, Brondesbury Park) after he spoke about the sanctity of marriage in parliament.

Blackman said:
If this (gay marriage) went ahead it would be difficult to promote Christian values in parliament. I also make a point to promote religious values in my constituency.
Marriage is for man and woman, and for same-sex couples there is a legal partnership. It certainly angers religious groups and constituents, many of whom have contacted me
Luke Parker, the Conservative candidate for Brent North, is rather more progressive. Responding to Pink News LINK over Alan Craig's speaking engagement he said:
I don’t actually think it’s funny… this is a very serious and growing party, and they’ve transgressed into a party of hate.

UKIP selection policy seems to be based on finding people who can get as many other people as possible angry about who they want to hate this week.
He went on:
I wonder if there’s aversion therapy that can stop you being a bigot. If there is, maybe we can set it up so every time someone looks at a UKIP leaflet, they get an electric shock.”


  1. Time for a Special Election Competition: GUESS THE UKIP EMBARRASSMENT!

    Choose between:
    1. Previous membership of a neo-fascist organisation ( the MF ?)
    2. Asking for a bill for £3,600.82 to be claimed on expenses after dining with 2 other party members at Sam's Chicken, Wembley High Road.
    3. Guilty of bullying, racial discrimination and harassment of a work colleague
    4. Failure to down a pint in one when requested to do so at UKIP selection meeting
    5. Complaints from party colleagues that candidate 'smelt of garlic'.
    6. None of the above (please write in your own suggestion).

    First prize: an hour of Bob Blackman promoting his version of Christian values delivered in your own home. Second prize: two hours of Alan Craig promoting his version of ......etc etc

    1. My suggestion is 6, (none of the above):
      I believe that UKIP Party candidate scrutineers discovered that so-called 'Martin Ferguson' is in fact Marxist comedian Alexei Sayle wearing a toupee and working undercover (just cover up his hair in the picture with your finger).
      As this is obviously the correct answer you can end the competition now. I donate my prize to any reader of Pink News who thinks s/he can benefit from it.

    2. Maybe Mr Ferguson was outraged by the racism and institutional discrimination at Brent Council & told Farage that Labour are achieving more than UKIP could ever have wished so was planning to defect.

    3. A row where Cllr Shaw wished to defect again but UKIP said no?

  2. Craig has alphabetical priority over Ferguson on the ballot paper.