Saturday, 25 April 2015

Vote Green in Hampstead & Kilburn and reject Austerity Plus and Austerity Lite

Green voters in Hampstead and Kilburn are being told on the doorstep by Labour  that the outcome is 'too close ro call' and that they should vote Labour to prevent a possible Tory victory.  Green candidate Rebecca Johnson has been well received by voters at hustings and on the street.

Here she gives her reaction to that 'advice':

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  1. The Kilburn Unemployed Worker's Group is non-party-political and is divided on the matter of whether to vote Labour to keep out Tories with £12bn further — and unspecified! — welfare cuts. So this is a personal view of a KUWG member who is also a Green Party member.

    I say that as a lifelong disabled person in my 62nd year, I am tired of being serially let down by the other political parties. I have been a Labour Party member 1980-84, Ecology Party meber 194-86, Lib Dem 1996-98 and Green Party of England & Wales from October 2005 after voting Green Party in previous council, European Parliament and General Elections. My experience of a variety of political parties has taught me that each political party is a coalition. And yet with its smaller size for several years while developing policies that reach people the more-television-advertised parties have lost interest in supporting as they have sold their souls to global corporate backers.

    Online self-help network for carers and its related Pat's Petition are also non-party political. They have now released a statement that makes plain that Labour are not supporting disability benefits testing fodder in General Election 2015 while Natalie Bennett is commended for doing so. Call for a Ceasefire for ESA. So will votin Labour in Hampstead & Kilburn ultimately do any better for vulnerable people?

    Revd Dr Martin Luther King warned throughout his activism and in his famous 'I Have a Dream' speech against "the tranquilising drug of gradualism." My experience as a lifling disabled person has been that in many ways that 'drug' has led to allowing things to get so much worse for vulnerable people. And by contrast, today I heard that London now has more billionaires than last year.

    I close this comment with a point about global warming. If and when the Thames flood barrier gives out, there is likely to be considerable flooding of homes in areas like Tottenham Marshes and Hackney Marshes. What would that do to London's housing situation?

    Dude Swheatie of Kwug