Saturday, 18 April 2015

Shahrar Ali challenges UKIP's Magnus Nielsen on overseas aid

UKIP candidate Magnus Nielsen  (Hampstead and Kilburn) told people attending last night's Catholic hustings at the Church of Transfiguration, Kensal Rise, that they should dig into their own pockets to provide Overseas Aid, reducing addressing inequality to a personal matter rather than a government obligation.

Green candidate Shahrar Ali (Brent Central)  responded by saying that world poverty was a systemic issue based on inequality and globalisation that would be worsened by climate change.

Nielsen has a history of controversy, particularly regarding Islam LINK and  appears quite a different kettle of fish to the apparently rather more benign Stephen Priestley, standing for UKIP in Brent Central.

The Daily Mirror has published a video of an anti-Islam speech by Nielsen HERE


  1. Go away Martin. You're Sharhar Ali's election agent and as such completely disqualified to sound "journalistically impartial".
    For crying out loud, you can't even spell English correctly.

  2. You're telling a man posting on his own blog to "go away"? How odd. If you don't like this blog don't read it.

    1. I will close the blog down. THEN I won't read it. Fascist Racists!