Saturday, 18 April 2015

Brent Council claim 9,000 plus households have opted to pay £40 'Garden Tax' for green waste collection

Brent Council sent out the following press release last week. I print it unedited.
Two hundred households are signing up for the new garden waste service everyday as new household waste and recycling services in Brent get underway.

As of this month, changes to our waste and recycling services mean that collections from green bins, which were for both food and garden waste, have now ceased and have been replaced by a new food waste container for every household and a separate garden waste collection service.
Residents who want to continue to have their garden waste collected from their green bin will need to pay £40.

So far, 9,000 households have signed up for the service, with this number expected to rise as the warmer weather and longer days mean that residents who previously did not see a need for the service, may decide to opt-in.
In response to this demand, we are delaying collecting the old green food and garden waste bins until June – when days in the year are at their longest - to provide residents with the option of opting-in at short notice.

However, from June, remaining households that have not signed up for the service will have their old garden waste bin removed.

The changes to the waste collection service also mean a change in how often the bins are emptied.
As of this month, food bins and the blue top recycling bins will now be collected every week, whereas general household waste and the garden waste collections will take place fortnightly.

Collection days for household waste and recycling will remain the same, however households which opt-in to the garden waste bin collection service will be notified of their collection day when they subscribe.

Visit our recycling pages to check your waste and recycling collection days, or to sign up for the garden waste collection service.


  1. Are they allowed to just take the othet Green Bins? Who owns them? I have no loan contract. We paid for them with our council tax and now they wish to take them to be destroyed? I may even want one as a composter.

    1. When I had cause to ask the Council about this (people were putting residual rubbish in my green bin), I was told it was Council property but my responsibility. The green boxes were just abandoned though weren't they? I have seen them used as planters and sledges! Also placed directly under letter boxes to collect junk mail...

    2. I have asked this question on behalf of the Sudbury Court Residents' Association, the response from Chris Whyte, Operational Director for Community Services at Brent Council, is as follows:

      "Firstly, the green garden waste bins, which are the property of the council, were purchased using external funding at no cost to taxpayers.
      Secondly, unwanted garden waste bins will be collected by the Council in June and some will be saved and reused for residents who opt-in to the garden waste scheme at a later date.
      Finally, while I personally understand the desire among residents to find alternative uses for unwanted green bins, they do not offer the best means of composting garden waste as they have no opening at the bottom to allow for easy access to the composted material."

  2. I am glad to here that there are organization which take care of these kinds of waste! Thank you for the interesting article!