Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Green Party candidates speak out on War, Peace and the Middle East


  1. I continue to believe that peace will continue evading us.
    we are living in a time where people are unwilling to lay down their guns,bombs, and anything that can be used to hurt the people they hate.
    even we are unwilling to put down things that harm health and lives.
    peace can only grow if we are willing to accept that we actively prevent peace from growing even though we call out for it.

  2. Martin,
    if you were asked to write a song that reflects the times we live in
    and what you believe is the solution to the problems
    how would go about writing the song?
    I would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. 'Green Sleeves' probably most appropriate from green-fingered Francis...

  3. You want to register your vote for the Greens but are worried that by voting Green you might help the Tories win in your (marginal) constituency?
    You’re in a safe Tory or LibDem constituency where your Labour or Green vote would basically be wasted?
    Then go to to find out how to both register your support for the Greens AND ensure that you don’t get another 5 years of Cameron
    Mike Hine

    1. My response is summed up by this letter in the Guardian after Polly Toynbee advocated a similar tactic:

      • Polly Toynbee tells Green party supporters to vote tactically so as to ensure that Labour has a comfortable majority on 7 May (Our rotten system means once again we have to bring out the nose-pegs, 16 April).

      But what tactic can we – as Green party supporters – use to vote for something we believe in? We do not believe in and oppose further austerity. But our “tactical” choice seems to be between two collections of cuts – one put together by a Labour-led coalition and the other by a Tory-led coalition.

      If Green party supporters adopt this tactic it will simply help to ensure that we will have exactly the same kind of choice in 2020 and beyond. This doesn’t feel to us like a tactic: it feels more like capitulation. It’s time to leave the “old politics” behind.

      Our tactic will be to vote for what we believe in. If enough voters adopt this tactic, the pressure to change our rotten voting system will be so great that there will be no need to reach for the nose-pegs in 2020.
      Lucy Craig, Gordon Best