Thursday 16 November 2017

25 metre tall lattice phone tower proposed for Welsh Harp

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An application has been submitted to Brent Council for the erection of a 25 metre lattice tower phone mast at the Welsh Harp (Brent Reservoir).

The tower, which will rise above the nearby trees, will have six antenna and 2 dishes as well as associated furniture at ground level and a concrete compound at the base.

The applicants have told Brent planners that it is not possible to comply with their suggestion of a reduction to 20 metres as this wold weaken the enhanced 3G and new 4G signal carried by the equipment. They also reject landscaping at the base which planning officers had suggested to reduce the visual impact of the tower from Neasden Recreation Ground.

Comments are open until November 27th. Application Number 17/4597 LINK

The impact of such masts on animals and particularly birds has been widely reported. This is a useful summary: LINK


Anonymous said...

Of all the places they want to put their ugly equipment its at the Welsh Harp.

Unknown said...

As a nature reserve surely this is not right. Radio waves are detrimental to birds. Should reject immediately.

Anonymous said...

It's a nature reserve. Why ruin it by planting this structure there? Do the telecomm's co's expect Brent Council to simply accept this? Or are there payments being made to see this through? Please don't allow this to happen to this unique part of London.

Phil Ram said...

Please read up about the dangers to health of these towers.
This is why planners are happy to frazzle wildlife and not ourselves! Bad for everyone.