Tuesday 28 November 2017

Brent Council confirm Dec 22nd extension for Wembley High Road works

Brent Council have confirmed that the Thames Water sewer works on Wembley High Road will be extended up to December 22nd. Certainly the works, which were due to be finished at the end of this week, look nowhere near completion. I understand that the concrete blockage extends further eastwards than first thought and clearing it will require further excavation.

Business on the affected closed road seeking compensation from Thames Water should follow this LINK

The final bill for the works and compensation could run into hundreds of thousands and despite their denials, Henley Homes, who are developing the  Brent House site adjacent to the sewer works, are still being suggested by locals as the most likely blockage culprit. Watch this space!


Anonymous said...

Either that or Butt has been throwing concrete down his khasi

Anonymous said...

What happens if they find the blockage goes as far as the triangle? CHAOS!

Unknown said...

I have lost 20 minutes every morning I go to work. Please hurry up & finish the work. I cannot be that hard to replace a few metres of pipe.