Sunday 12 November 2017

If it wasn't Henley, who is responsible for High Road main sewer blockage?

I am awaiting a response from Thames Water on whether their investigations to find the culprit responsible for the concrete blockage in Wembley High Road have made any progress. Henley, who are developing the Brent House site, last week denied responsibility. LINK

I understand that contractors have now dug down 6.5 metres with another metre to go before they hit the sewer. Work is expected to be completed within the month.

A resident reports that Brent Council can expect an increase in revenue with its Smart CCTV car catching motorists going the wrong way through Ecclestone Place's one way system.

Meanwhile a shopkeeper opposite the works told me that his takings were down 50% as a result of the road closure and works.


Anonymous said...

Well that means they should be down to the sewer pipe by Wednesday.
There is likely to be a little collection of very interested neighbours observing from that point on.
We are not going to let the culprits get away with the irresponsible blocking of this pipe and the consequent disruption. We want to know who's responsible.

Anonymous said...

and when they find out whose responsible, they should be made to pay compensation to the local residents and businesses who have suffered, as well as the cost of doing this work