Thursday 30 November 2017

Infant school objects to Barnet siting waste facility close by

From The View from Dollis Hill facebook

On behalf of Our Lady of Grace Infant School, we write to formally register our strong objection to the proposed siting of a Waste Transfer Station (WTS) on the Edgware Road within very close proximity to our school. Our children range from 3-7 years and our playground backs onto the Edgware Road. We are gravely concerned about the inevitable impact on air quality which our children will be exposed to. We are also concerned about the impact on the local infrastructure, traffic and adjacent land uses, including other environmental stressors that might already exist.

We believe that the very close proximity of this WTS to an Infant School of very young children is of grave concern. Its proposed site will undoubtedly have an adverse effect on the health and well being of the children. We are under an obligation to provide a safe environment for our children and strongly believe that the WTS would jeopardise this. It is our understanding that the pollution levels on this stretch of the Edgware Road already exceed European guidelines, any further contributing factor to the local area would be unacceptable.

We believe that a decision to site the WTS in its proposed site will impose a disproportionate burden upon low-income and minority communities who live in this local area and attend our school. The overburden on this community will have a negative impact on this community creating health, environmental and quality of living concerns.

As we have not been consulted in any way, which is not in keeping with the regulations for proposed new sites, we question whether the consequences of siting this WTS on the local community and local infant school have been weighed.

Patricia Geraghty - Acting Headtreacher
Lee-Ann Frampton-Anderson, Chair of Governors
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant School
Dolls Hill Avenue, London NW2 6EU

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