Sunday 26 November 2017

Brent CEO asked to raise the Cricklewood dump with her Barnet counterpart tomorrow

Alison Hopkins has written the following letter today:

Dear Ms Downs

I understand that you are meeting with the chief executive of Barnet Council tomorrow.

I would like to ask that, as a matter of the greatest urgency, you raise the planning application submitted to Barnet for a waste transfer facility on the A5.

I and other residents have been fighting these plans for well over a decade. Indeed, we formed a cross party and all party alliance to oppose the dump and the disastrous road layouts associated with the Brent Cross Regeneration. It is a matter of huge disappointment to local people that Brent now support the road changes: we would urge you NOT to do the same with regard to the WTF.

The current WTF is on the eastern side of the railway lines. Barnet wish to move it to facilitate the building of expensive apartments as part of the “regeneration” plans. Originally, the North London Waste Alliance opposed the move on the grounds of proximity to houses and schools, environmental aspects and the fact that they could not guarantee that HGVs would not rat run in Dollis Hill and the rest of Brent. I attach a copy of their objections: these were withdrawn at the last moment, despite all the comments still being valid. Their reasons for doing so are the subject of an FOI request which has not, as yet, been answered. The NLWA also stated that the proposed site was too small.

The current WTF causes huge nuisance from smells and emissions. It’s only saving grace is that in traffic terms it is in an industrial area although the stink carries to most of Cricklewood. The proposed WTF is RIGHT opposite thousands  of Dollis Hill homes, and an infants school which is already suffering from traffic emissions and air pollution.

The Brent Cross road layout changes, as supported by Brent Council, including those to Geron Way, Oxgate Gardens, Dollis Hill Lane and Humber Road will only encourage more rat running by the thousands of HGVs which are forecast to use the WTF each week.

I urge you to support the best interests of your council tax paying residents in Dollis Hill and Brent. These proposals are in no way in our best interests and must be opposed.

best regards

Alison Hopkins


Anonymous said...

Minor correction: It is the North London Waste AUTHORITY.

Alison Hopkins said...

It is indeed, thank you. Brain fart, senior moment, blonde moment or all of those. Too much dump on the brain!

I have, by the way, had no reply.

Mrs G said...

I'm afraid that with the current attitude of Brent Council towards the residents you are not likely to. Remember, we are considered as just serfs and not worthy of the courtesy of a reply.