Friday 3 November 2017

Concrete sewer blockage not our fault say Henley Homes

Contrary to what an informant working at the Wembley High Road site told a Wembley resident LINK Henley Homes gave me the following statement today:
As you are aware Thames Water are currently investigating the source of the concrete in the sewer and will advise in due course.

We can confirm, following our investigations, that Henley are not responsible for the alleged blockage of the main drains near the previous Brent House office building on Wembley High Road.
Henley Homes are the developer of the former Brent House site.


Anonymous said...

If the Thames Water investigation finds that the Brent House site IS the source of the concrete in the sewer, Henley Homes will deservedly be in the shit!

Wembley Res said...

If Henley Homes are saying quite so definitively that they are not responsible for the concrete blockage I hope that they will assist in a very positive manner in identifying who is.
Someone in the area must have disposed of concrete/cement inappropriately on a commercial scale.
Let's hope they will assist fully in identifying the culprit.

Anonymous said...

So where did the concrete come from as they are the only company pumping concrete into their piles.