Thursday 2 November 2017

UPDATE Henley Homes deny they are responsible for concrete sewer blockage causing chaos in Wembley

Wembley High Road outside the former Brent House site today

A local resident writes:
Well road closures commenced this morning. After some interrogation I found out that it is allegedly due to Henley Homes and Genesis  Housing, developers of old Brent House site.  Apparently when piling they drilled through a feeder sewer so when they filled with concrete it ran into the main sewer and that has what has caused the blockage.  The main sewer is 7.5 metres down and blocked solid.

On top are three water mains, electrics, gas, telecom, fibre optic.  At the moment they have no idea what they will find as they have just taken up the island created and paid for by Olympic money that had 5 little trees, which have sadly lost their lives.

The reliable source said he anticipated it would take at least sixweeks! (two more than quoted by council) but would not be able to give accurate dates as they have no idea what they will find and what infrastructure may cause them problems until they start digging.

Hey 7.5 metres is a long way down, and then they will have to tunnel through the concrete.  He did say it might whiff a bit when they get close. Urgh!

Huge problems on High Road traffic, as Ecclestone Place should only be accessible from Wembley Hill Road, and exit via High Road going West.  This was in order to stop it becoming a "rat run" early days but clearly there are a number of drivers who cannot read signs.

It is clear that TFL have not been so pro-active in closing bus stops and informing locals of the changes.  The main bus stop on high road outside KFC was showing diversions on LED display at the stop, but no signs saying 'bus stop closed' at 4pm today.

I would like to see the bill Henleys are going to get from Thames Water if they are responsible. Shop keepers, especially opposite Brent House are extremely upset by the disruption - no customers.  The local newsagent told me at 5pm today he had no customers to charge their Oysters or buy drinks/chocolate etc, no school children, and only made £100 by 5pm.  He wanted to know how he would be compensated.  I told him I had no idea whatsoever. Do any readers?
Wembley Matters has contacted Henley Homes asking them to confirm their responsibility for the sewer blockage.


Unknown said...

Well done Martin for keeping us updated, good to know residents got their finger on the button.

Wembley Res said...

Well the old Brent House site appears to be amazingly accident prone doesn't it. First of all the collapse of part of the building and then cluttering up the main highway with the waiting disposal trucks and now drilling through a feeder sewer and blocking the main sewer and all the disruption they are causing. What accident are they going to have next one wonders? Who is supposed to be in charge of the management of this site? There seems to be gross negligence and incompetence.
Perhaps work at the site needs to be suspended until an enquiry is carried out as to whether there are safe systems of work.

Anonymous said...

Are they members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme. Really!!!
It could only happen in Brent, couldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Well they would, wouldn't they. As being the only Constructor in the vicinity who have undertaken "Groundworks" and Piling with CONCRETE. It doesn't take a genius to figure out they are the most likely culprits, but I'm sure when Thames Water and their contractors do a full investigation and conduct forensic testing on the Concrete. All will be revealed and Henley Homes will be presented with a huge bill which I hope runs into hundreds of thousands for the cost of repair and compensation to all the business's affected which understandably have had their daily takings halved since yesterday.

They should just cough up now and take responsibility, admit someone albeit a sub-contractor made a mistake. At least it would show the residents they are sorry for the inconvenience.

Idiots of Wembley said...

Perhaps it's a sneaky bit of development by Henley Housing to get in on the lack of motor fuel outlets in this area. There used to be a petrol station next door where Elizabeth House now is. There was the alternative liquid fuel gas (propane/butane)filling station for those who wished to run their vehicles on this much cleaner fuel just round the corner behind Wembley Stadium station .... now beneath another apartment block on the Wembley Park development. Perhaps this is going to be a new fuel outlet....good ole home grown methane gas mix. Wow, watch the vehicles go on that!!!!