Monday 6 November 2017

Brent Air Quality Action Plan going to Cabinet for approval

Brent Council's Air Quality Action Plan is on the agenda for approval at the next Cabinet on November 13th with a publication date of November 30th. The Council is still working on the details of implementation.

The AQAP contains 20 measures and is aimed at reducing nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter in the borough.

The measures are grouped into 5 themes:

.     Cleaner Transport 

.     Public Health and Community Engagement 

.     Exposure Reduction Measures 

.     Emissions from New Developments and Buildings 

.    Delivery Servicing and Freight
The covering report adopts a confident tone stating:
A huge amount of work is required if we are to succeed in cleaning up and taking care of our natural environment. The good news is we understand the problem, we are determined to fix it, and have a strategy for doing so. As this action plan makes clear, there is much we can and will do, both on our own and in partnership with others, to secure a future for Brent in which our air is as clean as it can possibly be.
The Full Action Plan is below. Click on bottom right corner to enlarge:

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