Thursday, 10 June 2021

Raheem Sterling tells Wembley school students he is 'so proud of where I grew up' as they help open the Wembley Steps in time for Euro2020


Year 11 school students from Ark Elvin Academy today helped open the controversial Wembley Steps ahead of the first Euro2020 game at the stadium.

Raheem Sterling who attended Copland High School, the predecessor to Ark Elvin before an equally controversial decision to academise the school sent a message to the students.

 Growing up in Brent, I could see the arch of Wembley Stadium from my home. A short walk away and a lot of work later, I’ve got to do what I love in the stadium and representing everyone who calls Brent home. I am so proud of where I grew up – our community and the growing number of new, accessible spaces for younger members of the community to play and discover their skills and passions.






Anonymous said...

What 'new, accessible spaces for younger members of the community to play' is he talking about???

Martin Francis said...

Hard to say but this is what Quintain said in their PR:
James Saunders, Chief Executive of Quintain, said: “The Olympic Steps are a spectacular addition to what we have created at Wembley Park. More than just a stunning visual awaiting sports and music fans arriving at Wembley Park, the Olympic Steps and the public realm is new space for our community. Wembley Park, with its wide and spacious boulevards, is a far cry from the industrial past of this area – and what better a way to mark that occasion than with students from ARK Elvin Academy, the future of the area. As we kick off a Summer of Play at Wembley Park, we are feeling immensely proud to be part of this community and optimistic about its future.”

The introduction of the new steps will dramatically enhance the experience for Wembley Park’s residents, workers and visitors throughout the year. The Olympic Steps and the public space immediately surrounding them will provide an array of benefits for Wembley Park’s local community, including an increased programme of free events that enliven the neighbourhood throughout the year.

In addition, a vast, sheltered undercroft area below the Olympic Steps landing will be bathed in natural light through 36 giant pavement lights and provide new space to host public events, such as covered markets and live performances. From the community parades of Light Up The Night, to the winter lights festival Winterfest and celebrity performances of The Mayor of London’s International Busking Day, Olympic Way has played host to some of Wembley Park’s most exciting and inclusive free events. The Olympic Steps will expand and enhance this public space, allowing for more memorable moments to take place in the heart of Wembley Park.

The Olympic Steps, which has been co-funded by Quintain and Brent, form part of a long-standing ambition by the parties to improve the area, whilst enhancing accessibility for all visitors to the National Stadium.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of our money. I wonder if Quintain really believe what they said in their PR statement, as for the Labour councillors, they obviously didn't listen to residents yet again, but we expect that from them don't we?

Anonymous said...

Our £17.8 million in NCIL money could gave been spent on projects to benefit our wider community rather than this developer's vanity project which no one needs.

A nice community centre in Wembley Central would have been a good start!

Jaine Lunn said...

I wonder if Raheem Sterling is aware that no residents can access Coplands Fields where he used to kick around a football. This is one green open space that should be accessible to all the community to play, discover their skills and passion.