Monday 4 March 2013

3.333p per minute parking charge to be introduced in Brent

Brent Executive will decide on new proposals for on-street parking charges in the borough. The Officers' report recommends a charge of 20p for stays of up to 15 minutes to encourage turnover of parking places for short shopping trips. This is NOT the first 15 minutes of a longer stay but a quick shop and drive away charge.

For longer stays a 'linear' charge will be introduced of £2 per hour. This will replace the present 'step' charge that sees a stay of 59 minutes cost £2.40 and 61 minutes cost £6. Customers will be able to pay for additional time in  increments of 20p (the smallest practical coinage). 20p will buy an extra 6 minutes.

The report admits that it is hard to predict the impact of the changes which it claims overall represents a reduction in charges.  If more people stay for up to 15 minutes, revenue will be lost.  If the reduced and simpler charges lead to more stays then income will hold up.

Overall  the on-going cost is forecast at £330,000 per year subject to the above uncertainties and will be partially met by the reduction in Word Working allocations.

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Trevor said...

This is becoming unreasonable now...I'm so so Glad I'm not a car owner or driver Because if I was I along with other car owners and drivers would be used by the council as a means of basically keeping it's full every year.
It's not fair and I can foresee a much justified outcry when it is introduced.
I can't help thinking back to 1997 when New came in singing and dancing full of hope and optimism saying that things could only get better!
18 years on can anyone point out genuine evidence to prove that what Labour said actually came True?
if you were one of the many that voted back then how did you feel when you found out that many of the ministers were actually busy misusing The Mp's Expenses System rather than doing their utmost to live up to their promise that things would improve under their rule?
is it any wonder why many people are losing faith in politics since 1997?
what will it take to make people in this country finally accept that politics is the problem rather than the solution?
look at what is happening to the catholic church...that is what happens when you have corrupt leaders.
it's comparable to a hopeless alcoholic at the wheel of any form of public transport, a crash is inevitable because the person driving the vehicle isn't fit for the job which means his/her passengers are going to suffer badly and that is exactly what is happening.
many are suffering because the nation is being driven by unfit ministers and even though the leader of UKIP is being looked upon as the next leader of the next government I doubt He will be able to solve the many problems caused by the previous administrations.
Rather than things getting better
Things are going to go from bad to worse.