Friday 15 March 2013

UK swats bee protection to protect chemical industry profits

A PROPOSED ban on pesticides linked to a collapse in Europe’s bee populations has been blocked by the UK and German governments. 

EU Agriculture ministers meeting in Brussels were due to adopt an EU-wide ban on the use of neonicitinoid pesticides today in light of growing scientific evidence that has linked their use with harm to bees – essential for pollination of food crops – and a Green Party initiative calling for a complete ban. But the proposal has been rejected after UK and German representative amongst others, refused to give their support to the initiative. 

 London’s Green MEP Jean Lambert – who earlier this week joined Green MP Caroline Lucas and fellow Green MEP Keith Taylor in calling on the UK to support the proposed ban, said:
Yet again the UK Government is blocking EU action to protect our environment, wildlife – and even the food we eat.

Bee populations are declining across much of Europe: and, according to the scientists, this proposal could have helped avert the crisis facing our bees.

But, yet again, the UK Government has blocked meaningful action, against the wishes of the vast majority of UK citizens – and MEPs - in order to protect the profits of the chemical industry who make millions from the sale of these pesticides.

I now call upon the Commission to appeal this decision and take further action to protect not only bees but also our ability to produce our own food.

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