Tuesday 5 March 2013

Government moves goal posts to force more primary academies

David Laws today increases the primary floor target in KS2 SATS English and Maths for 2014 from 60% to 65% of Year 6 pupils achieving Level 4.  Failure to meet these targets will result in the schools being forced to become sponsored academies.

Moving the goal posts in this way will be another step in the Coalition's aim of increasing the number of schools converting to academy status to meet their aim of making academies 'the norm'.

476 primary schools are below the current floor target of 60% but this increases to  866 with the 65% target.

The Coalition argue that this number will reduce as schools 'up their game' but this will of course lead to more stress for children, teachers and headteachers and a narrow test-centred curriculum  for pupils in their last year of primary school.

Some commentators also expect that the policy may lead to some schools 'voluntarily' converting  to academy status, choosing their own sponsor, rather than face the risk of having one imposed on them at a later date. There is an added incentive for headteachers because they are usually removed by the sponsor when a school is forced to become an academy.

Clearly Gove is taking no notice of the current resistance to forced academies and is tightening the screw  on schools. He is hoping that under the guise of raising standards and making children 'secondary school ready' he will be able to escalate the privatisation of the school system.

In turn we must up our resistance  with a united campaign of teachers, governors and parents to the forced academy strategy.


Steven Wright. said...

I believe it is Mr.Gove's intention that all primaries become academys by 2014,if he has to swear that up is down and black is,in fact,white the expropriation of the education budget must continue.Can we expect more extreme tactics as protest mounts?

Trevor said...

I had a Brief conversation with a woman this morning and this surely wont come as a surprise?
she has absolutely no confidence in David Cameron and his Colleagues
the fact that this latest post also expresses a lack of faith in what this government is doing
suggests to me that it is time for a change.
another two years of this coalition government will be enough to force people out into the streets waving placards saying we don't want you Cameron.
I wouldn't be among that crowd but I would certainly share their sentiments.
we deserve so much better we really do...and once again I will Try to inspire people to think before you reach out for that Cigarette?
Imagine your Health as your Bank account...the Healthier it is The Better Off you will be.
and if you Wouldn't dream of paying someone to set light to your bank balance
then why pay someone for the means of Destroying your own Health?
if you Take care of your Health it will do it's bit for you in return.
Whereas you know from Bitter experience that When you give a political party your vote they Tend To let you down and betray you as labour did in 97.