Saturday 9 March 2013

Cllr Powney courts controversy again

Parachute Games in what could become Willesden Town Square
Cllr James Powney has once again courted controversy with a comment on his blog. This time he turned his attention to the application to register the open space outside Willesden Green Library as a Town Square. A public inquiry by an independent inspector concluded some time ago and the inspector's report has taken longer than expected to be published. Some have concluded that it has not been such an open and shut case as Brent Council and the developer Galliford Try, who both opposed the application, expected.

Last  Sunday Cllr Powney wrote on his blog:
I am told that the report on a possible Town Green in front of Willesden Green Library Centre will take longer than anticipated.  There has always been a suspicion that the entire request is merely vexatious, and an attempt to delay the rebuild of Willesden Green Library Centre.  Certainly, the accounts I have heard of some of the testimony given at the enquiry would cohere with that notion.
To his credit Cllr Powney has published a number of trenchant comments on his 'merely vexatious' claim and they make lively reading. They can be read HERE

Residents were concerned that there was a problem of 'predetermination' around the planning application itself because Brent Council had instigated the redevelopment proposal and formed a partnership with Galliford Try/Linden Homes but was also the planning authority.  Now the question arises again as Brent Executive member Cllr Powney appears to be predetermining the outcome of the independent inquiry by suggesting that the application was vexatious. Brent Council makes the decision on whether to accept the inspector's report.

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Anonymous said...

Come on People of Kensal Green - make sure Powney is NOT re elected next time!

The closure of our library will not be forgotten.

He has to go.