Wednesday 5 February 2014

All Souls shouldn't complete Kensal Rise sale before investigation complete

Guest Post from Meg Howarth

A crucial question now is whether All Souls College (ASC) will proceed to complete its ‘binding agreement to sell’ the historic Kensal Rise Library (KRL) site to Andrew Gillick’s Kensal Properties Ltd (Platinum Revolver in another guise?). Completion of sale was conditional on vacant possession, so once ASC was told the police investigation was off, it appears to have wasted no time in sending in its heavies to demolish the pop-up - thus securing the necessary vacant possession and enabling the sale contract with Mr Gillick to be completed. 

The embarrassment to ASC that will be caused by any re-opening of the fraudulent email inquiry is incalculable, particularly if completion has taken place over the last two days. Already on the defensive because of the adverse publicity surrounding events last Friday, ASC has tried to blame the council for its barbarity, citing a seven-months-old enforcement letter 27 June 2013 to justify its action. LINK

And here’s the text of an even-earlier letter - May 2012 - this time from ASC’s bursar to a horrified newspaper reader who’d contacted the college on hearing of Brent’s own now-notorious dawn raid on the KRL site:
Yes, the College became aware of what happened yesterday and we find it distressing.  We had told the Council that we would have been happy for them to have kept the Library open, possibly through cooperation with the Friends of Kensal Rise Library, who had developed an interesting business plan.
This was not to be however.
The law by which we originally donated the land dictates that the site now reverts to the College’s freehold.  This is not something we ever wanted to see happen, but because it is the law, is something we cannot change either’.
Does this once-prestigious institution, noted for its famous Codrington library, really want to go down in history as the wealthiest of Oxford’s colleges that couldn’t wait to gain vacant possession in a civilised fashion before sealing a deal with its chosen developer who’s not yet been cleared of involvement in the fraudulent email affair? 

‘Fools rush in where angels fear to tread’ inevitably springs to mind.


Anonymous said...

The real crime would appear to be trespass and squatting with a fair bit of fly tipping thrown in for good measure. I wonder what criminal damage, trespass and squatting will be done at the weekend. Could be a busy weekend for the police in Kensal Rise....

Anonymous said...

Money seems to rule.

Shame on Oxford college in acting like a school bully and moving in the "Heavies."

Gone are the days when those who have the most give to those in need.

Civil unrest is inevitable as those at the top take from those at bottom !

Ironically Vickers banker chums are probably financiers to Gillick and probably someone got nervous and was about to pull the deal so they move in for the kill before the proverbial hits the fan.

A full investigation is needed including any conflict of interest between Gillick, project financiers and All Souls College

Anonymous said...

Brent prosecutes a Blue badge holder for misusing her sons blue badge when he was not with her.

In the scheme of things a minor loss of parking revenue to Brent Council a few pounds at that.

But large scale financial gain by a individual if a successful planning application is approved using tactics that seem to amount to fraud should also not be tolerated.

Come on Brent lets not have double standards

Meg Howarth said...

It seems that the sale of Kensal Rise Library to Andrew Gillick's Kensal Properties Ltd has been completed.