Thursday 27 February 2014

Wembley wakes up to the smell of coffee

A well known hairdressers in Bridge Road, Wembley Park, is to close on 29th March and a planning application LINK has been submitted to open Costa Wembley on the site. This involves a change of use from A1 to A3 (cafe and restaurant).

A French Cafe serving coffee and cakes opened a few doors down and closed due to lack of custom. A planning application to turn it into a restaurant was rejected by Brent planning committee.

The hairdressers, LAMARTINE, has a set of loyal long-term customers from the local area. It is known for its creative seasonal shop window displays and excelled itself during the 2012 Olympics and its proprietor is well known and respected in the community.  It will be sad to see a local small business make way for a multinational.

Meanwhile staff were training today ahead of the opening of another multinational coffee chain. This one is housed at Brent Civic Centre and due to open on Monday. 

Last year Starbucks paid UK corporation tax for the first time in five years LINK

Costa benefited from the row about what campaigners saw as Starbuck's tax avoidance and increased its sales LINK

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Anonymous said...

Your headline is a little optimistic I think. 'Wembley wakes up to the smell of hot watery milk' might be more accurate.