Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Butt 'bitterly disappointed' over dropping of police fraud email investigation

Reporter Hannah Bewley of the Wembley and Willesden Observer has been busy following up the Kensal Rise Pop Up library demolition story. Her report LINK contains the following statements from the Council and Brent Council leader Muhammed Butt:

A spokesman for Brent Council said:
The council undertook its own detailed enquiries before referring the matter to the police and provided the police with a summary of the outcome as part of the agreed referral process through the National Fraud Reporting Centre. The council remains very concerned about the way that the planning portal was used on this occasion and has subsequently made changes to forestall future problems arising. The council wants to continue to maintain the highest level of integrity with its planning process, since the authority continues to have statutory responsibilities to consider planning applications that are submitted.
Labour leader of the council Muhammed Butt said:
It is bitterly disappointing that the police have chosen to ignore the evidence found in the council’s own inquiries and drop their investigation. When the future of the building affects hundreds of Brent residents and the entire Kensal Rise community, any issue of alleged fraud must surely be a priority in order to maintain the trust of local people. Whilst I know that this Conservative-Liberal Democrat Government has cut the police force by a fifth in the last three years, I am troubled that this investigation has not been carried out as a matter of urgency. Brent Council will be writing to demand that the police review their original decision and launch an appropriate investigation.
Pressure mounted further following an Evening Standard report  LINK on the demolition and Hannah Bewley hinted on Twitter that the police may change their stance and expects a statement tomorrow morning. Cllr James Denselow tweeted back saying that he had 'seen the emails'  (presumably those between the council and police - not the fake ones) and that he had his fingers crossed.

I understand that  Kirsty Slattery, of Gracelands Yard, whose address was falsely used to support Andrew Gillick's planning application is taking up the issue directly with the police, having had no response to her emails to Brent Council.


  1. Yay, Muhammed Butt's gonna write a letter. Just like he wrote a letter to the government complaining about the cuts. That'll learn 'em.

  2. If Councillor Butt is disappointed then Do Something About it.

    It the moment it looks like a few people have been bought to look the other way.

    This may not be the case but for transparency and accountsbility act like a true leader of Brent by fully investigating including a delay of any future planning application until the full facts are known Who sent the emails suppprting Mr Gillicks planning application ?

    Mr Gillick can test the planning laws if he thinks a Council can't order such a suspension of a planning application until the matter is cleared up.

  3. If the council doesn't act, then the council appears incompetent or bent and we can vote them out. If the council acts and the police don't, then the police appear incompetent or bent and we can ........oh. Um .........................

  4. Has Mo Butt answered the question about why no one from the community/library campaign was informed about the dropping of the investigation? It seems the Council just initially accepted the police decision without complaint. That they have now been forced to question it is a tribute to the fuss raised by the campaigners, local reporters and this blog itself.

  5. Maybe it was dropped because it was not a crime. there are better things for Plod to be doing...

    1. Fraud IS a crime. Plod is aware of this fact.