Thursday 6 February 2014

Parents and students join Copland strikers' picket line

Parents demand a voice
Students demand a voice
Photo: Stefan Simms

Parents and students joined striking teachers on the picket line at Copland Community School this morning. Teachers are striking for the 6th time against forced academisation which means a takeover of the school by ARK.

They are calling for an independently supervised democratic ballot over the issue.


Anonymous said...

A very heartening amount of car horn support and verbal encouragement today (especially considering it's the 2nd day of a tube strike). Good to see the student support for Phil Allman too on the 'Protest: retired teacher ...' blog on this site.
Aand..............rumours that all is not going all that smoothly for Ark's takeover preparations. No doubt, more to come.

(No, the rumour is NOT that since Ark started advertising for a new Head a week ago the only application they've had is from a Mr A. Davies of 2.7 Bonus Avenue, Ayia Naffa, Cyprus)

Anonymous said...

How is it that Mr Price(chairman of the IEB) argues that strikes by unionists affects the education of the pupils when the Politics and Law A level students were without a teacher for weeks?