As per last night's BBC Radio interview:

1.Why didn't the College post warning notices on the Pop-up or in the local press - a month, a week, or even a day before - advising residents to dismantle the structure or face the consequences? Instead, bullyboy All Souls sent in a bunch of heavies - in the middle of the night - to smash up this inner city community's initiative.
2. Half the Pop-Up Library didn't even stand on College land, yet All Souls destroyed that too. The smashed structure, lovingly built and maintained by locals, was chucked in a van and the books dumped on the roadside in the rain.
3. The Pop-Up had won the support of the Council's Lead Member for Libraries, Cllr Roxanne Mashari, who, alerted by distressed residents, visited the site just hours after the demolition. Ward Councillors also supported the Pop-Up, which became a site for poetry and book readings, children's storytelling and carol singing.
UPDATE: At lunchtime today Lorraine King, News Editor of the Kilburn Times tweeted:
 I've an email from All Souls College saying they removed the pop up library in Kensal Rise after they were contacted by Brent Council
The email was sent on Friday evening and Lorraine has said she will be following it up on Monday.