Monday 17 February 2014

Brent Executive to discuss £18m budget cut tonight

The Brent Executive will tonight discuss a budget reduction for 2014-15 of £18m that will go before Full Council for final approval. This is achieved through a mixture of reduction in services, out-sourcing, adminstrative savings and increased fees.

The 'savings' are in the following service areas:

Adult Social Care £4,450,000
Children and Young People £3,157,000
Environment and Neighbourhoods £3,412,000
Regeneration and Growth £2,729,000
Corporate Service £4,081,000

Full details are here:

The Executive will also discuss proposals on council rent increases which average 3.7% or £4.53 per week per dwelling with higher increases for larger properties. Full details HERE

1 comment:

trevor said...

i feel so sorry for the public become it looks like they will be forced to pay higher rents as well as more council tax and yet at the same time the cost of food continues to rise and wages remain low.
so no doubt that will cause much anxiety and stress as the time for the changes draw closer.
I still remember the appalling conditions that Brent council allowed the public to suffer under in the former Chalk Hill estate.
I actually felt offended when I first moved into chalk hill estate and could not believe that a council could allow people to pay rent to live in properties that were on whole unfit for purpose.
cockroach infested, damp, run down, crime Ridden, and a Haven of Torment due to pathetic amounts of sound insulation which meant that household noise could be easily heard day and night and for those with low tolerance levels meant they would suffer frustration year after year.
I have no faith in Brent Council and expect conditions and standards to sink as time goes by.