Friday 14 February 2014

Temporary classrooms at Mahatma Gandhi House?

According to a report going before Brent Executive on Monday, Mahatma Gandhi House, vacated by Brent Housing Service, could be used to house primary school pupils.

The report outlines a number of options to provide temporary extra places in schools and at the vacated Pupil Referral Unit in Church Lane, Kingsbury. The council will prioritise provision on school sites first but state:
Mahatma Gandhi House is considered as meeting the criteria providing a managing school could be identified. It is in an area of high demand but as the priority is to provide school places on school sites; officers propose to undertake a feasibility study and to discuss matters with the landlord, but to prioritise school based options first.
The nearest primary schools are Elsley, St Joseph's and Park Lane. A  managing school would also be required for the Church Lane PRU and the nearest school, with building work for permanant expansion just completed, is Fryent Primary.

The report is only about the provision of additional temporary  'bulge classes' or satellite classrooms but a full report on the permanent  expansion of schools to add forms of entry will be presented to the March Executive.

Table 3: Summary of Pupil Projection Increases by Planning Area 2013-2019

Planning Area,  Number,  Percentage Increase

1 Kingsbury 1172 34
2 Preston 751 17
3 Wembley Central 1534 27
4 Harlesden 901 22
5 Kilburn – Dollis Hill 525 6

Total 4883

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