Wednesday 19 February 2014

Where does Barry Gardiner stand on fracking?

I was approached recently by some neighbours, concerned about the environment and the future of their young children, and therefore interested in  their MP's position on fracking.  They knew that the Green Party  POLICY LINK was opposed to fracking anywhere in the UK but were not sure about Labour's position. Labour Brent Council had opposed fracking in Brent but not elsewhere.

I said that Labour appeared to be ambivalent but undertook to write to our Brent North MP, Barry Gardiner, a shadow minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, for an authoritative statement:

This is what he said:
I know there has been real concern about the potential environmental dangers of fracking and I agree that this process should only go ahead if it is safe and environmentally sound. Indeed, it is only by fully addressing legitimate environmental and safety concerns about fracking through robust regulation and comprehensive monitoring, that people will have confidence that the extraction of shale gas is a safe and reliable source that can contribute to the UK's energy mix.

Shale gas does potentially offer an opportunity for the UK to improve our security of energy supply, to replace depleted North Sea gas reserves and to displace some of the gas we currently import. Shale has should not, therefore, be dismissed and I believe it is right that any communities that do host nationally significant energy infrastructure are able to share its rewards.

However, the Government also need to get their priorities right and I do not believe that fracking is the silver bullet for all our energy needs that the Government seem to suggest. Indeed, it is unlikely that it will be possible to extract shale gas in large volumes in the immediate future in the UK or that it will make a significant difference to consumer bills.

Given this and the legitimate safety and environmental concerns that have been expressed, I believe there should be a cautious and proportionate approach to shale gas exploration.

It is also unhelpful for the Government to have established a false opposition between shale gas extraction and investment in renewable energy. Gas will, of course, continue to play a part in our short and medium term energy mix but here is not reason why this should preclude heavy investment in renewable generation, which represents the long-term future of our energy sector.

I know that some environmental groups have also expressed concern about the Government's approach to encouraging shale gas production and I hope the Government will now listen to these concerns and adopt a more cautious and proportionate approach that address key safety and environmental concerns.
Protests continue against fracking in Barton Moss, Salford. Report HERE


trevor said...

I personally Don't care What Barry Gardiner Thinks about Fracking,
because If One Looks and sees How appalling Conditions are in the area His Represents,
That Suggests To Me Not That He is isn't doing Enough,
His Authority Doesn't Make any Difference and Actually I think it is in Vain That The Political Party He Is Part of Is Starting their Leafleting Campaign To Inspire The people of Brent to Vote for Them In may 2015.
I Wont be voting for them or any other political party Because as far as I am concerned They are a total let down and waste of Precious Time.
and again I will use the widespread Tobacco addiction problem as a example of the extent to which the politicians have betrayed us and have allowed businesses to exploit us just so they get their tax revenue.
and yet for all their obsession and greed look at the state of the economy!
doesn't that speak volumes about politicians?
and even though they talk much
their words don't amount to much.
the shameful reality is that the politicians Have betrayed us and Have allowed a system to develop which serves their purpose.
it's obvious that they view the public as things to be manipulated and exploited.
they of course are super quick to condemn other nations that betray their people but the reality is they are just as guilty.
how I long for the day they are finally called To account and the public at long last begin to recover under the yoke of a government that truly cares and won't betray them for profit as is the custom in this country.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Where Does Trevor Stand on Smoking?

trevor said...

I dislike smoking Anom
because it doesn't benefit those that practice it.