Wednesday 14 May 2014

Copland strike against redundancies well supported today

Copland Communuity school was closed today except for examinations in a joint union  strike over redundancies. Mick Lyons, Past NASUWT President, Stefan Simms, NUT Executive and Hank Roberts, ATL Immediate Past President congratulated the staff for their continuing to stand firm against ARK and for their colleagues and the pupils.

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Toby Chambers said...

As a standing Independent candidate, I call for a Judicial Review over the IEB's decision to hand Copland to Ark Academy.

The Voting Public are not aware that Brent Council have just approved the building of Tower Blocks on the Copland site and moving Copland school to the rear as per 22 April 2014.

Brent Executive Report dated 22 April 2014 point 1.5 States

"1.5. Additionally the proposals seek to facilitate the delivery of new homes including affordable homes, commercial and community space at the frontage of the existing CCS in line with the aspirations set out in the Wembley Area Action Plan."

"TOWER BLOCKS" are going up on front of Copland site, just agreed by Brent Council.

The only way to stop this now is a Judicial Review.

Toby Chambers
Sudbury Independent Candidate

A Judicial Review is the onlp