Sunday 18 May 2014

Truce called as election opponents unite against UKIP's racism

Supporters of the various parties and campaigns fightinfgthe elections in Brent took time off this afternoon to unite against the racist and Islamophobic views of Heino Vockrod, UKUP candidate for Dudden Hill, revealed by the Kilburn Times LINK 

Labour leader Muhammed Butt, was joined by Pete Murry of the Green Party, Sarah Cox of SWP and TUSC, Alex Colas of Make Willesden Green, and L:ucy Cox of TUSC.

Leaflets urged residents to use their vote to keep out UKIP in the upcoming local and European elections.

Cllr Butt with the welcome message at Neasden Shopping Centre


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Councillor Butt, if you took immediate action against Ms Cara Davani, this racial hatred would not exist.

It currently exists in your own organization you claim to lead, Brent Council.

ACTIONS not WORDS and Photo opportunities, COUNCILLOR BUTT

No more Photo calls and then sit around and do nothing.

Otherwise you are history on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Butt, now looks pathetic if he now does not immediately do something about Cara Davani.

Anonymous said...

Cardboard cut-out UKIP dimwits such as Herr Heino Vockrod are a gift for Butt at a time like this. Opportunities to graffiti his own pavements and 'make a stand' against ...what? Stupidity, basically.
Meanwhile Davani, Gilbert and her crew, who are not a racist 'threat' but an actual continuing ongoing everyday actuality, are left alone. How convenient.
Call me Percy Paranoid, but you don't suppose that Herr Heino Vockrod used to work for Ofsted and Tower Hamlets and owns a couple of pedigree pooches and ............. No. That would be ridiculous.
Wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

the ukip vote is a protest vote against people like butt.

DON'T dis US said...

Mr Farage, forenamed Nigel,
Has a tongue that is seldom idle,
He peddles hate and fear,
And prejudiced ideas,
Like a slug that leaves slime behind it.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke right. With allegations of racism against the council, is this the response - carry on as normal and capitalise on photo opportunities?

Well done Rosemarie Clarke for doing just what the sign held by Butt says, saying no - to racism.

How can we take Butt seriously?....there's something about getting your own house in order.

Anonymous said...

A political leader is more than simply having your Photo Taken.

Show real leadership Councillor Butt and suspend Ms Davani from her post pending a full investigation.

Anything less and it shows you are simply a "Puppet" and not a "Leader."

Anonymous said...

Mmmm.............Needs a little more work, I think, Mr Us.

Anonymous said...

There are undoubtedly racists in UKIP. As there are, almost certainly, in the mainstream political parties. I will not be voting UKIP on Thursday, not because I think they are racist, but because a visit to their website indicates little reference to Economic Management and how they plan to reduce the deficit. They attempt to address the problem of the housing shortage but come up with no credible policy on future funding of the inevitable increase in demand for National Health Services.

I remember the vile (predominantly) black racist attempt to hound Maureen McGoldrick from her post in Brent in the late 1980s. It failed then and made Brent a national laughing stock. Racism is alive and kicking in every community in this country. It is not a UKIP problem. It is endemic throughout our political and social institutions. Mainstream parties. Just address the most serious issues in Brent - a lack of affordable social housing, crime being carried out by gang members and the need to provide our Primary schools with more places to cope with the higher demand. And remember that there is no ethnic majority in Brent. Every single person in Brent now belongs to an ethnic minority.