Monday 26 May 2014

London and Brent European voting figures

The main party results for the European elections in London and Brent were:

(Brent in brackets)

Labour 806,959 (34,451)
Conservative 495,639 (13,277)
UKIP 371,133 (6,414)
Greens 196,419 (5,123)
Liberal Democrats 148,013 (7,333)

Full results for each London borough LINK


Anonymous said...

Unless Lib Dems pull it together, 2015 will not be a happy year.

Not sure there is great deal they can do, as the damage has been done in the past few years and they can't unwind things now.

Anonymous said...

Given the above results, just shows why Sarah Teather pulled out.

Unknown said...

The 1333 rejected votes in Brent for the EU Elections seems somewhat high. Do you think there is any way to view them?

Scott Bartle