Saturday 31 May 2014

More democracy 'wherever practicable' suggests new Labour councillor

As the Labour Group meets this morning there are signs of some disquiet over the changes in Scrutiny. However, concentrating minds even more in the context of concentrating power, is the proposed amendment to Labour Party Standing Orders which would abolish annual elections. This would leave Muhammed Butt in the leadership position until the next local election,

In a Twitter exchange with former councillor James Powney, newly elected councillor Tom Miller asks, "What stake for backbenchers, one might ask?'

Powney replied that it was open to the Labour Group to defer the decision.

Tom Miller responded, 'One for closed doors I am sure, but I know which way I fall on democracy issues - more of it whenever practicable...'

Let's hope the rest of the Labout Group agree with Cllr Miller today - not just on annual elections but Scrutiny. Perhaps he might even suggest that abolition of the whip would go some way to provide more democracy 'whenever practicable'.


Anonymous said...

The more that scrutiny, openness, reselection opportunities and all the other legitimate methods of checks and balances are eliminated, the more people are left with no alternatives but ...........what? Factionalism? Plots? Coups? Assassinations?
Enlightened self-interest, if nothing more noble, ought to make it obvious to Brent Labour that the short-term convenience which the 'management' of dissent gives, will inevitably lead to tears before bedtime ( or, if nothing is done quickly about Davani and her chums) tears shortly after breakfast.

Anonymous said...

LOL - 'democracy...whenever practicable'! Young Tom hedging his bets already and he's only been an 'elected' councillor for a week? Cllr Miller could make his mark by asking his party leader to drop the whip, as Martin suggests. That is certainly 'practicable'.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that Stalin really really wanted democracy, it just wasn't "practicable".

Anonymous said...

Tom Miller has just tweeted that this post has some typos in it. How great to see our new councillors engaging with the real substance of the blog.

Martin Francis said...

I am of course grateful to Cllr Tom Miller for keep an eye on the blog and letting me know about the typos. After all, scrutiny is the name of the game! I also offer him my wholehearted support in his battle for democracy in the Brent Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well scrutinised, Tom. Mea culpa. Please move the second bracket in 31 May 11.03 26 characters to the right and insert a comma before 'tears'. You've set the scrutiny bar high. Keep up this standard and make us all proud of you!
Mike Hine