Wednesday 14 May 2014

Take a stand against UKIP candidate's Islamophobia on Sunday

 ..and in the elections on May 22nd.
Demonstration against Nigel Farage in Gateshead
 Following the anti-Islam rant LINK  by the UKIP candidate in Dudden Hill ward, Stand Up to UKIP supporters are inviting residents, community groups, trade unionists, Hope Not Hate supporters, other anti-racists to join them at their stall in Neasden Shopping Centre on Sunday at 2pm.

They call on the community to join together to say 'No to racism and Islamophobia'.

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Anonymous said...

Its not UKIP that is the problem - Its the Status Quo, Its Labour, Conservatives and the LIB-DEMS.
People are looking at UKIP as an alternative to being ignored and mistreated by the career politicians who use and abuse the system, including Brent Council. All people want to know is that there IS an Alternative and this alternative Is The Green Party & your local independent Candidates. Its only LIBLABCON's that have something to fear from UKIP voters... that is an an electorate that is awake. The Green's and the independents can only gain.